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Special Needs

At Doby’s Bridge Pediatric Dentistry, we believe every child should receive first-class dental care. Part of our team’s training includes working with children who have special needs. Whether your child has medical, developmental, physical, or cognitive conditions, our team can give your child the dental care that they need. Our dentists and team members will work within the limitations of your child’s condition to give them proper dental care in the best way possible.

Each child with special needs deserves to be seen by a team member who understands their needs and constraints. Our team is dedicated to the details. We will find the best way to care for your child’s smile while keeping them safe and secure throughout every visit. We will also work to build a relationship with your child and help them feel at ease during each appointment. We are available to answer any questions you may have and will work with you to form the best plan for your child’s dental health.

Sedation for Special Needs

If your child has trouble sitting still or needs some assistance staying calm, sedation has proven to be safe and effective for children. We may recommend choosing nitrous oxide, which is a fast acting sedation that will help during the appointment, and restore your child to their normal self right after treatment is complete.

The Importance of Early Dentistry

Many parents try to put off dental appointments for their children if they have special needs because they may have had a bad experience at other practices. This is not the case at Doby’s Bridge Pediatric Dentistry! We believe that early and frequent dental care is the best way to get your child familiar and comfortable with the dentist. Routine appointments with our friendly, patient, and caring team will help your child feel safe at the dentist and make it easier to bring them in for future appointments too!

If you are in search of a dentist for your child in Fort Mill, SC, your search can end here! Call us today to schedule your child’s dental visit!

Special Needs

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